How to transfer or withdraw funds/money from freelancer account to Payoneer or Master card | Video Tutorial

Withdraw/transfer funds/money from freelancer to Payoneer

Freelancer is the best way to earn money online. So here I am going to explain some steps which will lead you that how to withdraw money from the freelancer account to any of your master card like payoneer.

this withdrawing funds video tutorial contains the following steps..
1. Go to your Freelancer account and login
2. Go to your account balance section and hover over it and then click on withdraw money from the dropdown menu
3. Now Click on you preffered method to withdraw money and select your ammount to withdraw funds
4. After that, you should have to write or put the amount to withdraw at your payoneer account.

5. The minumum amount to withdraw is 30$ in this case however it will 500$ for wire transfer
6. When you will put amount in the box to withdraw then fill other necessary information like address, phone number etc.
7. When you will fill all the required information then click on the withdraw Funds button
8. It will take about 4-5 days to withdraw funds from a free freelancer account. However, If you want daily withdrawal, then you should have to upgrade your account.
9. For first withdrawal, it will take 15 days. that’s all.

So, above process will guide your how to transfer or withdraw money from freelancer to payoneer account.
If you will need any help in future, then simply comment below this video, I will reply as soon as possible..

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